A yoga retreat is a transformative journey. You want to choose one that will truly light you up and meet you where you’re at in terms of your yoga practice, your level of self-awareness, and your desires for adventure. The one you choose can make all the difference in your quest for inner peace and self-discovery.

I’m offering two distinct options that promise unique experience, one nestled in the mountains of Alajuela, Costa Rica, and the other amidst the ocean and jungle landscapes of Belize. Whether you seek grounding and restoration or a thrilling exploration of your limits, these retreats offer the perfect avenues for personal growth.

Of course, I’d recommend both – one for a mid-year reboot and one to send the year out with a bang. Here’s what each offers and how to decide what’s right for you!
1. Alajuela, Costa Rica: Yoga, Wellness, and Self-Discovery:
  • LocationPura Vida Resort and Spa, a mountainside yoga and wellness sanctuary and the oldest yoga retreat center in Costa Rica.
  • Highlights: A sanctuary steeped in tradition, this retreat focuses on restoration, self-care, and contemplation. Nestled in the mountains, it provides breathtaking views of the Central Valley.
  • Offerings: Incredible spa treatments that include water therapy, deep tissue massage, Chinese massage therapy, and sound healing; guided eco-adventures to a tropical thermal springs, scenic coffee plantation, and lush botanical gardens; yoga halls with picturesque views.
  • Experience: Energizing practices, grounding and centering workshops, and quiet meditation to help you find your peace and purpose.
This retreat in Alajuela is a haven for those seeking tranquility and a deep connection with themselves. Designed for restoration, the wellness center and guided eco-adventures offer a holistic experience, making it an ideal choice for those in pursuit of inner balance.

2. Belize Bliss Yoga Retreat: Dare to Rise:
  • Location: Muy'Ono Thatch Caye off the coast of Dangriga and Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge near San Ignacio, Belize –  a blend of ocean and jungle adventures.
  • Highlights: Daily practices in vinyasa, yin, and meditation, complemented by empowering workshops that help you face your greatest obstacles and fears
  • Adventures: Snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef, mystical cave exploration, and visits to Mayan ruin sites.
  • Experience: This retreat focuses on your very vitality – the fullness and vibrancy of life -- so you learn how to promote it every day. 
Belize Bliss Yoga Retreat is an exhilarating choice for those daring to rise above perceived limitations. The combination of diverse yoga practices and empowering workshops encourages participants to confront fears while exploring the stunning natural beauty of Belize.

Choosing Your Path:
Your choice to attend a yoga retreat is a huge step toward your personal goals. Deciding the right one for you depends on many factors, including: 

  • Intent and Focus: If your goal is restoration, self-care, and a tranquil environment for contemplation, the Alajuela retreat in Costa Rica aligns perfectly. For those seeking adventure, empowerment, and a test of personal limits, the Belize Bliss Yoga Retreat promises an invigorating experience.
  • Preferred SettingAlajuela provides a serene mountainside setting, offering picturesque views, incredibly lush landscapes, and a historical yoga retreat center. Belize, with its combination of ocean and jungle adventures, presents a dynamic and enriching backdrop for those inclined towards a more active exploration.
  • Personal Goals: Consider your personal goals for the retreat. Whether it's finding peace and purpose or testing your limits and conquering fears, choose the option that resonates with your aspirations.
Selecting the right yoga retreat is a deeply personal decision. Whether you choose the grounding tranquility of Alajuela or the empowering adventures of Belize, both options offer unique avenues for self-discovery and growth. Listen to your inner voice, and let the path to serenity unfold before you. Both adventures promise to awaken your inner explorer and yogi – even if you didn’t know they were there. 

Attending both retreats means experiencing the yin and yang of your inner journey—finding peace and purpose in Alajuela and testing your boundaries in Belize. It's a dual immersion into tranquility and adventure, a comprehensive approach to self-discovery that promises a richer, more multifaceted you at the journey's end.

So remember, you don't have to choose.

Join me for one or both. 


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