The Dimensions of Optimal Wellness

(hint...wellness requires your attention)


Of course, eating a nourishing diet and being physically active are important parts of physical wellness. But, even if you have these habits dialed in, it doesn't mean you've got it all together.

Wellness is multi-dimensional. The physical wellness pillar is important, but never neglect the other dimensions of your wellness. 

In my course, The Well-Being Blueprint, we explore six dimensions of well-being.  You learn more about each dimension and the very real steps you can take each and every day to improve your well-being. 

Over the course of six weeks, you'll learn ways to feel more energized, develop greater resilience, and create more meaningful connections.  Sign up today.

Dimensions of Wellness

In the The Well-Being Blueprint we explore:

  • Physical health: Diet, exercise, medical soundness
  • Spiritual health: Belief in a higher being or faith in the universe
  • Intellectual health: Pursuit of self-growth and knowledge
  • Social health: Connections to family and community
  • Environmental health: Time in nature and an uncluttered space
  • Emotional health: Willingness to feel all the feels

Ask yourself these questions about each dimension:
Are you strong in this area?
Would you like to learn more about this area?
Which area seems weakest?

Consider your environment
Can you get outdoors every day for a bit of sunshine?
If you can't get outside, can you at least be near a window?
How is your working space; is it pleasant to you?

In week 6, we explore more about environmental wellness and implement steps to improve it.

Pursue personal growth
Do you seek out new knowledge and ideas?
Are you open to change and new ways of doing things?
Can you try something, even if you think you might fail?

In week 5, we explore more about your intellectual wellness and implement steps to improve it.
Join me for The Well-Being Blueprint today. 
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Create connections
Do you spend time with people you love?
Are there at least 1 or 2 people in whom you can confide?
Do you feel like you're part of a community?

In week 3, we explore more about your social wellness and how to create meaningful connections.

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